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27, the 10th Panchen held a banquet in his residence for representatives of cadres and the mass of Xigaze. He was very happy at the banquet and even danced with the guests. Freedom of a kind came in 1978, but it was not until 1982 that the Panchen returned to Tibet after an absence of 17 years ». Gérant leur match, sans briller, les Munichois inscrivent même un troisième but par l’incontournable Robert Lewandowski, qui marque de la tête son quinzième but de cette édition (devenant le deuxième joueur de l’histoire à atteindre cette barre des 15 buts en une saison de Ligue des champions, après Cristiano Ronaldo), son 24e but en phase à élimination directe. Enfin, Bajrami trouve la tête de Touré sur coup franc. He was so heavy that he had to be physically helped up after making his prostrations. He called for the Dalai Lama to be allowed to collaborate with him in Tibetan policy making and openly challenged the Chinese leadership’s policies in Tibet.

↑ (en) Tim Johnson, Tragedy in Crimson: How the Dalai Lama Conquered the World But Lost the Battle with China, Nation Books, 2011, pp. He went back to sleep after a checkup and at 8:25 am, the 10th Panchen suffered a seizure and lost consciousness. The condition of the 10th Panchen was reported to the Central Government immediately. At four o’ clock the next morning, the 10th Panchen woke up from chest distress, with an ache in his back and arms. ↑ (en) The Tibetan People’s Princess, China Rights Forum, No 4, 2006 : « From that time on, my dad strictly obeyed the tenets of Tibetan Buddhism and never again wore a monk’s cassock, exchanging it for the attire of Tibetan nobility. It attributed the heart attack to fatigue resulting from the strains of presiding over the opening of an important new Buddhist shrine a week ago ». « The official news organizations reported that he had died of a heart attack in his residence in Shigatse, (…). 2 : « The reaction by Chinese officials to his illness was a sign of the premium they placed on him: On hearing he had had a heart attack, the Communist Party General Secretary, Zhao Ziyang, sent a team of cardiologists to Xigaze by a special plane.

No evidence was produced, but the rumor triggered a small protest, Tibetans told an American traveler. Shortly after this address, the Chinese Daily printed another critical statement which vaulted the Panchen Lama’s international image as a critic of the Chinese government: « Since liberation, there has certainly been development, but the price paid for this development has been greater than the gains. » (As reported in the China Daily, January 25, 1989.) ». ↑ (en) Isabel Hilton (en), The Buddha’s daughter: A young Tibetan-Chinese woman has an unprecedented role to play, The New Yorker, avril 2004 : « When the Panchen Lama was released, on October 10, 1977, Mao, his old tormentor, was dead and Deng Xiaoping had begun the slow process of reversing the damage done in Mao’s last years ». During the Cultural Revolution, the tombs of the previous panchen-lamas housed inside Tashilunpo had been badly damaged, and he was responsible for overseeing their restoration. Her father, always large, had ballooned in weight at the time of his death.

171 : « She indicated that poor health was likely a factor in his demise. He slept about three hours a day maximum and was flying all the time. I believe that Yan Mingfu, Wen Jiabao and the doctors did all they could to save him. He did not go to bed till the midnight. 281 : « I do not believe the rumours that he was poisoned. He was not a well man. ↑ (en) The Tibetan People’s Princess, China Rights Forum, No 4, 2006 : « My mom, Li Jie, was the beloved granddaughter of a Kuomintang general, nouveau maillot psg Dong Qiwu ». « « These prayers demonstrate that my father still lives in the people’s hearts, » Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo, wearing a bright yellow traditional Tibetan dress, or chupa, told Reuters. ↑ (en) Kathy Wilhelm, Clashes in Tibet culmination of anti-China tensions, The Sunday Telegraph, March 12, 1989 : « A rumor began circulating that the overweight, 50-year-old monk was assassinated, because days before he died he criticized Beijing policies in Tibet. 280-281 : « But the Panchen-Lama was a big, heavy man. Alors que les Monégasque ont la mainmise sur le jeu, ils se font surprendre en encaissant un but de Jérôme Lafourcade à la 68e minute.